What is THE XpressHUB?

THEXpressHUB was designed to give small group clients all of the advantages of online enrollment and administration. As with THEbenefitsHUB, employees can edit their demographic information and enroll in their benefits electronically. Administrators will also enjoy all of the same benefit management tools. And the best part? Your client's system can be implemented and functional in as little as 72 hours!

What Does It Do?

THEXpressHUB is your client’s tool to streamlined benefits management. It:

Provides an electronic platform for benefits administration;

Allows employees to enroll in their benefits without the use of paper;

Integrates with most payroll systems for cohesive employee and payroll management;

Offers an Evidence of Insurability tracker; and

Includes both standardized and customized reporting options.

THEXpressHUB is a ground-breaking system designed specifically for your small group clients. Many other online enrollment systems aren’t able to cater to smaller cases, leaving those clients out of luck. With THEXpressHUB, that is no longer the case. Now groups with as little as 10 eligible lives can enjoy all of conveniences of online enrollment and electronic administration. 

Keep checking back to learn more details on the system as it develops.

What's In It For You?

All of our products and services allow you to provide that little something extra for your clients. THEXpressHUB is no different. Not only will they enjoy the best benefit products available, you’ll be able to stay on top of the market by offering all of the latest technological advancements with THEXpressHUB.