What Is benefits 24/7?

benefits 24/7 is a branded website that organizes complete benefit information online. It is customized to fit your clients’ look and feel. Employees will enjoy 24/7 access to important documentation such as claim forms and plan brochures. The need for administrators to keep paper copies on file becomes a thing of the past with benefits 24/7.

benefits 24/7

What Does it Do?

Provides 24/7 accessibility to benefit information;

Eases day-to-day Human Resources questions;

Establishes a platform for viewing educational and informative product videos;

Creates a single access point for effectively communicating enrollment news and changes; and

Displays direct links to carrier websites and customer service departments.

Want to Take the Website for a Test Drive?

Check out a live preview of the website. You’ll be able to explore the site to see exactly what it has to offer.

What's In It For You?

benefits 24/7, along with any of our other up-selling products, prepares you to provide that little something extra and to go that extra mile. Not only will your clients enjoy the best benefit offering, but they can also experience the convenience and ease of the future of employee benefits.

Contact us to learn more about benefits 24/7 and how you can begin offering this time-saving product to your clients.