Amazon has taken a major step toward becoming a player in the healthcare marketplace.
A new storefront for pre-approved health and flexible-spending-account (HSA and FSA) items makes it easier than ever for customers to have medical supplies delivered to their front door. Customers can now buy items that fall under a litany of healthcare categories. It’s the first step toward Amazon becoming a one-stop-shop for their customers.
The tech-giant revealed their intentions to dip their toe into the healthcare industry earlier this year. “[As hard] as it might be, reducing healthcare’s burden on the economy while improving outcomes for employees and their families could be worth the effort,” Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said. “Success is going to must talented experts, a beginner’s mind, and a long-term orientation.” This declaration sent shockwaves throughout an industry hungry for newsworthy quotes.
Amazon’s new user interface makes buying medical and personal care supplies easier than ever before. The tech-giant lists out the different pages you can visit in four categories::

“FSA & HSA Shop”

This is where you comb through different categories and add items to your cart.

“Add Your Card”

 As self-explanatory as this may be, this is where you add your HSA or FSA card to your existing Amazon account. Remember how you added your credit or debit cards to your Amazon Wallet when you first joined the site? That’s exactly how you add your HSA and FSA card. You’ll see a section dedicated to HSA/FSA cards in the Amazon Wallet screen. If you are a regular customer on Amazon and plan to make purchases outside of your healthcare needs, remember, DO NOT make your HSA/FSA card your default card. That could lead you to a lot of confusion down the road.

“What’s Eligible?”

 This is where you can discover how deep the catalog of pre-approved items is. It’s not band-aids, ibuprofen, and cold medicine you can buy with your card. Did you know you can also buy the likes of sunscreen, braces, and mouthguards?.


 The frequently asked question section of the website will, you guessed it, give you answers to questions that are asked at a high frequency among customers.
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