If employee benefits bring peace of mind, then why does everything go haywire come enrollment season? The problem usually lies within a benefits administration system that chokes when employers need it most.

BenefitSelect Exchange is your affordable and quick path to a stress-free enrollment! It’s a personalized private exchange that fulfills a business’ benefit shopping, enrollment, and employee management needs.

Our personalized private exchange takes 72 hours or less to build. That means we can save anybody from the madness of pen & paper enrollments or their current problematic benefit administration system without so much as a hiccup.

Affordable benefits for all!

Popular benefits, like medical, disability, and life insurance, are affordable to employers and employees alike. And it doesn’t matter whether a business has 10 employees or 1,000 — this tech is perfect for any size group!

How does it help employees and employers?

Here’s how it works: You know how people save money on their groceries by shopping at member-only stores? It’s just like that. By selling our partnered carriers’ benefits in bulk, companies who use BenefitSelect Exchange get wholesale prices! Employees shop for the benefits they want and just like that, they’re enrolled! The interface is user-friendly, giving employees the power to learn about benefits they’re offered so they don’t feel overwhelmed come enrollment time. Employers get the best benefits at prices that’ll keep their employees smiling, attracting talented applicants who are on the hunt for a job with good perks.

What about brokers?

Businesses and brokers that are sick of paying 5 to 7 dollars per employee per month — check this out. You can get your rates as low as $0 PEPM if you build your exchange using our partnered carriers!

Free trial to Think-HR!

And – by teaming up with us today, you’ll get a free 3-month trial to Think-HR — a human resource department’s new best friend! It’s time to make benefits easy, fun, and rewarding.

To learn more about BenefitSelect Exchange, CLICK HERE.

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